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Buyer will provide a suitable path way to the area of erection with free access to work site during daylight hours on all working days including weekends, U.S. holidays and country or region specific holidays if outside U.S. If 8 hour, 5 day week is required, buyer must specify. If work is located inside building or enclosed area, it must be noted in the contract. All license and county approvals are on customer and any delay will lead to additional cost.


We allow for excavation in soft pick able earth. Should we encounter Hard rock, clay or black cotton soil, extra charges will be involved which would be assessed on the basis of the extra work necessary. Any compressor hire or additional charges for hard rock removal are for clients account. We also include for spreading excavated soil within 3m of the edge of the pool surround. Any removal of Soil will be at extra charge.


Should concealed, unusual, unexpected, and/or unrecorded conditions be encountered which interfere with normal erection procedures, Aquaflex Pools will advise Buyer of conditions encountered. If Buyer instructs Aquaflex Pools to perform the necessary work to overcome such conditions, Buyer will reimburse Aquaflex Pool for the extra cost and time incurred. In any event, the Buyer will reimburse Aquaflex Pools for the cost of lost time.


The Buyer will obtain insurance and indemnify Aquaflex Pools against loss by fire, lightning, removal, and all extended coverage perils, theft, vandalism, and malicious mischief, earthquake, negligence, breach of contract and any other insurance which the Buyer deems necessary upon the work covered by the Contract, for the full insurable value thereof. Additional expense by theft will be reimbursed to Aquaflex Pools by Buyer. Cost of security guards, if required, to be paid by Buyer.


Buyer will supply, if required, electric current at no cost, within 5 feet of pool location and necessary utilities including, but not limited to, the necessary sanitary facilities and palatable drinking water as required for the performance of the contract. Buyer will ensure all pool parts are within 50 feet of pool location with no interfering objects. Aquaflex Pool will be allowed access for a truck to be placed and operated at the erection site. Foundation will be clean and clear of any obstruction, material, or equipment. Adequate clearance will be provided around the Pool Location area. Buyer shall provide water for pool water filling and any subsequent fillings after that. Buyer is responsible for emptying and disposing of water after testing ( If Concrete pool). Buyer responsible for supplying trash dumpster at job site and for disposing of contents of


If the Buyer orders extra work or makes changes by altering, adding to, or deducting from the work set forth in this quote, the price and any completion date quoted will be adjusted accordingly. The price adjustment will include costs of engineering, shipping, manufacturing performed, materials purchased, extra erection expense, extra supervisor and administration expense.


All orders cancelled within 14 days of order placement will be subject to a 10% cancellation charge. Orders cancelled after 14 days will be subject to a cancellation charge of 10% or the proportionate share of the contract amount performed to date, whichever is greater. Cancellation must be received in writing, either physically or electronically.


Terms of Payment: 75% of materials, freight and 50% erection due with the purchase order, balance of material and freight is due prior shipment. Customer delays may result in assessment of storage fees. Balance of erection is due upon completion of work unless erection of Pool requires more than two weeks for completion, in which progressive payments will be required. Aquaflex Pools reserves the right to delay Pool shipment/erection if invoices are not paid in accordance to stated terms. Progress payments must be per-approved by Aquaflex Pools credit department. Retain age must be per-approved by Aquaflex Pools credit department & may be held until completion of pools, not completion of total.

NOTE: Any items or specifications not specifically mentioned above are not a part of this quotation. This quotation represents our complete offering. If there are any conflicts between your requirements or the plans and specifications and what we have quoted, our quotation shall govern.


Aquaflex Pools warrants the Multi-flex Polymer Panels for Aquaflex Pools for the Lifetime of the original retail purchaser. We agree to replace or repair, without charge to you, at our factory, any panel, which breaks, splits or tears apart beyond use during this period. This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

A. If the Aquaflex Pools Multi-flex Systems’ panel should break, split or tear apart beyond use during this period, you should send a letter to our company identifying the panel. We will repair or replace the defective panel or panels after either (1) receipt of the defective panel or panels at our factory for factory confirmation of the defect or (2) at our option, confirmation of the defect by an authorized representative at the pool site. Repair or replacement will be completed within 10 business days.

B. This warranty is enforceable only by the original retail purchaser of the Matrix Pool or by a qualified transferee of the original retail purchaser. A qualified transferee shall be the next owner of the real property upon which the Aquaflex Pools was originally installed who has forwarded to Aquaflex Pools at the address stated below, a copy of the deed or other instrument of transfer of title indicating the change in ownership within 30 days following the transfer of title. Upon any subsequent sale of the real property where the Aquaflex Pools was originally installed, this warranty shall terminate immediately.

C. Units or assemblies such as filters, pumps, motors, skimmers, standard fittings, heaters or accessories purchased by us for the use in the pool are subject to and carry the manufacturer’s warranty only.

D. Our company is located at KABTECH CORP., 10075 Tyler Place STE 10 , Ijamsville – MD 21754 Phone: (240) 200-5600 and is open for business Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

E. Freight charges for any panels returned to us for replacement or repair must be prepaid by you. Freight charges for the return of panels repaired or replacements must also be paid by you.

F. Any panel, replaced or repaired by us and returned to you shall be installed or reinstalled by you at your cost.

G. In order to obtain maximum use and enjoyment from your Aquaflex Swimming Pool, you should keep your pool full of water at all times. We are not responsible for any irregularities or imperfections, which may result from the removal of water from your Aquaflex vinyl liner pool.

H. Our total liability to you under this warranty is limited to carrying out the terms of our warranty.

I. Unless the manufacturer installs your Aquaflex Pools, we have no liability to you for faulty installation of your pool or for damage to panels, which may result from faulty installation.

J. We shall not be responsible for any damage or defect to panels, which result from your acts, or the acts of others, and we shall have no liability to replace or repair any panels so damaged.

K. This warranty shall be unenforceable so long as the purchaser is in default under the terms of any agreement executed in connection with the purchase or installation of the Aquaflex Pools.

L. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You also have implied warranty rights. In the event of a problem with warranty service or performance, you may be able to go to a small claims court, a state court, or a federal court. This warranty is in compliance with the Consumer Products and Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act.


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  • I love Aquaflex pools! They have made our backyard a lovely resort and cozy atmosphere.
    Ahmed Sabri
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    Dalia Ismail
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  • “This is insane! The Variant pools with the 3D design of your backyard make a hardy choice but I love it.”
    Marwa Adel
    Aquaflex Customer


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